by judy chong

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all songs written/recorded in my bedroom with a mic or my phone sometime in 2013.


released November 8, 2013

electric guitar on "collision" is by the lovely aubree kutcher



all rights reserved


judy chong Massachusetts

whatever you want it to be

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Track Name: washington seems lovely this time of year
i slowly sink into your words
and fall back into you

i want to forget
but my heart still thinks of you
Track Name: ghosts
i can recall sinking through the bed
with you beside me
i realized then you were a poet
and every other word, you sang

nothing i said made any sense,
but you smiled anyway

i asked you if you believed in ghosts
i don't remember what you said
i was sinking through your bed
Track Name: mountains
i fell asleep in the back of your car
you told me you kept the radio on
i was dreaming of waves when i spoke to you
told you things i would never do
i heard you singing softly (out of) tune

with the sun at our backs,
you told me about the night you almost died
i wanted to hold your hand, put your face between my hands
but the timing wasn't right
the timing is never right

i drove past your parents' empty house
and the river that runs straight through your town
when the mountains appeared i couldn't speak
felt my heart swell right to my feet
maybe there was something underneath it all
Track Name: ghosts pt. 2
i watch the light cast shadows,
through the window of your room,
onto the bare wooden floor beside your bed
you only seem to speak to the wall in front of us
you speak so quietly
this is the second time i’ve asked you to repeat
the way you say “i’m sorry” just rips me apart at the seams

we both know this isn't really what i want
and maybe it’s not that good for us
but i can’t look away when your eyes are on mine
i fall back into you every single time.

i can feel the presence of the ghosts that haunt your room,
ones that have left these stubborn stains on you
i still get so lost when your fingers trace my spine
and your lips are grazing mine
i don’t wanna know what you say to them in your dreams
i don’t wanna know who you call when i leave

i can’t shake the feeling that this could be something good
don’t you think this could be good?
(i just want you to miss me)
Track Name: it's always 4:30 in the morning
you dig deep into this hole in my chest
and pull away at my heart strings
and i don't know how you end up in my dreams
but all i know is my voice still shakes
at the thought of you

all i remember is:
this idle haze
the gentle breeze brushing your face
and your soft hands in mine
the depth of your warm eyes

now i will never know
Track Name: moonbeams
i know it’s not worth trying to pick up where we left off
the silences between our words grow longer
and now i don’t answer when you call
‘cause i’d rather forget the sound of your voice than hear it again
just to have my insides ripped apart at the seams.

i can still taste the salt on your skin in my dreams
Track Name: summer
i laid next to you
as you smoked a few
and lit up the dark
the scattered stars above

it was quiet
not a whisper uttered from our mouths
we just sat in silence...
only my thoughts were loud

it was summer
do you remember?
Track Name: collision
walking along, i put my shaking hands in my pockets. as you pass by me i look down at my steady feet. you wouldn’t recognize me if you tried, you would never try. it’s strange to know that you were mine years ago in another life.

when the stars aligned
and our worlds collided
our paths divided
our worlds collided once

the moon is bright tonight, i wonder can you see it? wherever you are, whoever you’re with, i hope you can. eventually, when i fade from your memory you will stay deep within mine, til the end of time.